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Mini Bikes - The Ultimate Machines by Lori K. Pupeza

Do you have kids and want to explain to them what a minibike is and how it works? Then check out or buy Minibikes, The Ultimate Motorcycle, from The Ultimate Motorcycle series. It's a pretty good book that gives good explanations of what minibikes are and how they work. The author is Lori Kinstad Pupeza and is by Abdo and Daughters publishing company. You can visit their web site at Abdo Pub. You can order them directly from: 1-800-458-8399 

Mini and Trail Bikes and how to Build Them Yourself by James Sparks

This is a must have book for anyone who wants to build a minibike or minibike parts. It goes into great detail about how to build or repair bikes. A great title, it is a must have for the novice or the minibike enthusiast. Amazon. Com is just about the only nation wide place to get the book since it has been out of print for years.